Playoff Results – Day 19

Sunday’s action in Round 2 was more inline with the low-scoring, hard fought battles that many come to expect in the NHL Playoffs this time of the year. With both games decided by a single goal, who came out with the lucky bounces?

Day 19 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 0-2
  • Cindy: 1-1

Round 2 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 1-6
  • Cindy: 4-3

Just another day of the same as far as our picks go. Mama scores the only win, this time with San Jose earning a 2-0 series lead over Detroit going back into Joe Louis Arena this week. We all struck out with Washington losing in OT, but we did manage to get home from our road trip just in time to see Ovi tie the game late in the 3rd.

Both San Jose and Tampa have made it to 2-0 leads against their foes, but neither series is far from over. If they manage to go up 3-0, that’s a different story, but Detroit and Washington didn’t make it this far to get hit with the brooms.

The downside of the playoffs starting in Round 2 is nights like Monday where there’s only one game on the schedule. We get spoiled during Round 1 with non-stop hockey night after night, and with Round 2 spread out (and our Hawks on the golf course) it feels like such a let down. Oh well, game on.

– Kris

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