Playoff Results – Day 18

The third night of Round 2 proved that what’s expected and what ensues are anybody’s guess. Two games led to two different extremes on the scoresheet, so let’s see where we all stand.

Day 18 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 0-2
  • Cindy: 1-1

Round 2 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 1-4
  • Cindy: 3-2

The bleeding continues for Papa and Christian, as their picks both fall Saturday night. Boston helps Mama expand her lead, and with just four series to be contested in Round 2, any gap she builds is going to be difficult to overcome.

We caught parts of the Boston/Philly game during lunch, but only when it was still a low scoring affair. It wasn’t until the intermission of the Vancouver game did we come to learn the final score. Woah. We did see more of the Vancouver game, including Luongo’s shutout come crashing down near the end of the third period. None of us made it to double overtime, though.

Sunday is a travel day for us, so we’ll be on the road for most of the action. Let’s see if the men can catch Mama or if it’s too late for Round 2.

– Kris

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