Playoff Results – Day 8

As mentioned yesterday, the NHL playoff schedule rights itself with 5 games on Wednesday. That’s a lot of hockey, and a lot of shuffling of our own results. Here we go.

Day 8 Results

  • Kris: 3-2
  • Cindy: 0-5
  • Christian: 2-3

Results so far

  • Kris: 18-12
  • Cindy: 10-20
  • Christian: 13-17

Papa snuck away with the late tiebreaker of Detroit over Phoenix to pull ahead with 3 wins on Wednesday, while losses by Philly and Tampa set all thee of us back by two. Mama’s goose egg is hard to look at, but Thursday’s another night, and there’s still 3 more rounds to go. Anything can happen.

Speaking of upcoming rounds, Detroit pulled off the sweep without Zetterberg, so they’re first to rest up for Round 2. Only three other teams are at 3 wins in their series, so the Wings will have a fair amount of time off until everyone else catches up.

Our Hawks are back at it Thursday night in Vancouver, and one more win in the series would be a huge momentum changer. It’s going to be great game to watch, that’s for sure. Go Hawks!

– Kris

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