Playoff Results – Day 7

With only 2 games on the schedule for Tuesday, not many would have figured there would be combined 20 goals between those four teams in action. What did that mean for our numbers after the first full week of Round 1?

Day 7 Results

  • Kris: 1-1
  • Cindy: 1-1
  • Christian: 2-0

Results so far

  • Kris: 15-10
  • Cindy: 10-15
  • Christian: 11-14

Christian has bragging rights for Tuesday with both winning picks, while Mama and Papa each drew a split. Our Hawks finally managed to put Vancouver in their place in their first elimination game to avoid the sweep, forcing a Game 5 and leaving the sole distinction of Round 1 sweep victims to the Phoenix Coyotes who are down 0-3 against Detroit.

With the league playing catch up with the schedule, we go from 2 games on Tuesday to 5 on Wednesday, so there’s going to be a lot of ground to cover starting week 2 of the playoffs. This is definitely the best time of year, hockey-wise.

– Kris

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