Playoff Results – Day 5

Day 5 wraps up the first weekend of the NHL Playoffs brings with three Game 3 battes. Here we go:

Day 5 Results

  • Kris: 1-2
  • Cindy: 2-1
  • Christian: 0-3

Results so far

  • Kris: 11-8
  • Cindy: 8-11
  • Christian: 8-11

Mama wins the weekend, with the top picks on Sunday as well, while Christian struck out swinging. Lower seed victories by New York and Nashville snuck in wins for Mama, while Papa’s unfortunate pick of Vancouver held her from getting the hat trick. Christian’s goose egg puts him tied with Mama, but that could easily change after Monday’s games.

Back to Vancouver, they’ve put our Hawks in a nearly impossible position, which would means the next three rounds would not be as exciting as they were last year for us. One game at a time, my friend.

– Kris

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