Playoff Results – Day 4

Day 4 of the NHL Playoffs brings in a few matinee games instead of those late West Coast starts, which we can’t always stay up for. Time again to check in with where we are in the first round.

Day 4 Results

  • Kris: 2-2
  • Cindy: 3-1
  • Christian: 2-2

Results so far

  • Kris: 10-6
  • Cindy: 6-10
  • Christian: 8-8

Saturday was Mama’s turn to shine, going 3-1 thanks to her picks of Philly, Montreal, and Los Angeles. All 3 of us scored with Philly, while Detroit held on for Papa and Christian picked up a tally with Montreal.

With the first two games wrapped up, it’s time to switch venues. With half the Round 1 Series already split 1-1, there will be at least 4 return trips back home for the top seeds for Game 5’s next week. Just more hockey to enjoy for the rest of us.

– Kris

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