Christian’s New Friend

Somehow we managed to avoid Babies ‘R’ Us for over 3 weeks now, but alas we made the trip over the weekend while running errands. In the process, we picked up another new friend for Christian, Croc. He seems to be a cousin of Lizzy, so maybe the two of them can team up together the next time Lizzy attacks.

Here’s another video for you, now that the camera module on my Evo has been replaced.

Smile alert @ 1:41 in the clip. Of course, it’s after mama comes into the room. Sheesh.

Also, forgot to mention. Christian’s check-up went fine last week, aside from the usual screaming after getting his shots. Weighed in at 13 lbs, 11oz and has grown to 23.5 inches. Right where he’s supposed to be, and 4 weeks away from outgrowing his current wardrobe (again).

– Kris

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