Where’d the Week Go?

Hard to believe an entire week with Christian has already come and gone. Almost as hard to believe we even know what day it is anymore with all the late nights and time off from work. The tell tale sign right now is Skilling’s weather forecast as we count down the days to the next impending snowstorm.

Grandma Time

Dec. 11thReaching the end of the week meant we needed to run out for some baby supplies, so grandma came over to watch Christian while we were out. Although he slept through the entire time we were gone, we brought back food and he was up and socializing during that time.

Not only was grandma’s visit helpful while we ran our errands, it was also a win-win because she was able to spend time with her favorite grandchild (we’ll, he’s the only one) and since we’re trying to get him to sleep more at night, he received a little more activity later in the afternoon. Let’s hope it helped.

Meet Lizzy

Christian also got to meet his new friend, Lizzy, which is some sort of lizard we picked up at the store – gator or crocodile, who knows. It was on clearance for $5 at the checkout line. :)

He is obviously too young still to be actively playing with these types of toys on his own, but at least it’s something we can stimulate him with while we’re down on the floor with him. Who knows how long this toy will last considering there is already a small toy box full of plush animals that came before him.

Another Video

Finally, why not end the update with another video?

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  1. A Maui Blog December 12, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    Oh what a joy! I love reading all your blog entries about Christian and your family. Keep posting! :) Can’t wait to meet that little bundle of love when you come to Maui!

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