Sunday Fun Day

The Nelson men both had some fun on Sunday as papa returned to the rink for his first game since Christian was born, while the little guy received a visit from my aunt and a few of my cousins while I was away.

Mama got a little breather, too, and a good lunch with grandma and my aunt over – between them having raised 7 kids of their own. Christian was awake and social for a good part of the visit, dozing off for the last 30 minutes. With so many relatives nearby, it’s no surprise they want to spend some time with the baby, and we’re appreciative that the visits have been spaced out and relatively short.

No Waking Christian

Our efforts to keep Christian’s nights and days straight haven’t been entirely successful, as evident in today’s clip.

There is also a slip up on papa’s part that the hockey fans among us might have caught. I mention “the Rangers are taking New York to school,” when indeed the Rangers and New York are one in the same. It should have been the Rangers taking Washington to school, as they tallied a 7 goal shutout against the Caps. More proof the I’m not getting the sleep I’m used to ;)

Unofficial Weigh In

Keeping tabs on how our little guy is growing, papa stepped on the scale before one of his feedings. The unofficial weigh in for Christian was 8 lb 3 oz, a good step up from his appointment on Thursday. Although no one is really interested, papa himself weighed in at 226 lb after skating today. Not the dramatic weight loss that mama has experienced after giving birth, but we won’t share those numbers here. :P

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