Honey, I Shrunk the Bunny

Meet HaileyWell, it looks like the little bundle of joy we’re expecting in December won’t be the only infant in the house come Christmas. Everyone, I’d like to introduce you to our newest bunny, Hailey.

Ever since our beloved Sky passed away in September last year, we pretty much knew that our other rabbit Star would need to have another furry friend.  It just came down to the timing, since we loved Sky so much and he was my favorite. :(

For the last week or so, it almost seemed that Star looked particularly lonely, so we started talking about finding another rabbit.  Well, after a visit to my cousin’s house in Schaumburg, the conversation kinda went like this.

Kris: Was there anything else you wanted to do while we’re out this way?

Cindy: I can’t think of anything, can you?

Kris: Wow, did you just pass up an open invitation to Woodfield?

Cindy: Sure, we can do that.

Kris: Hey, the pet shop where we brought Star home from is right down the street from here. Wanna stop in?

Cindy: Okay.

And after about 20 mins debating outside of this little one’s cage, we were verbally reorganizing our living room to re-occupy one of the empty cages we still had. :)

Star’s Splitting Image

This isn't what I orderedBesides being 25% of the size of Star, these two are almost identical twins.  The only subtle difference we’ve seen so far is that the bottom of Star’s tail is white, like the telltale cottontail rabbit. Hailey – as in the comet, sticking with the astro theme here – has a gray tail to match the rest of her backside.

Aside from that, it’s like an eerie Austin Powers “mini me” sequence whenever we step back and look at the cages side-by-side.

The interesting thing is, neither one of them probably knows that they look like each other when you stop to think about it. I mean, unlike you and I, our rabbits don’t get up an look at themselves in the mirror every morning.  If anything, they may have an early memory of what their litter mates looked like, but who knows?

The Timing

While it was a spur-of-the-moment decision to make a detour to the pet shop, we didn’t jump into this decision lightly.  Like I said, we talked about it for at least 20 minutes first. :P

Kidding aside, we did factor in the arrival of our first son in December, and if there was going to be a time to find Star a companion and get them acquainted and coexisting together, it would be now.  Trying to introduce a 2nd rabbit to our household after our child was born and all the chaos and learning as new parents would not have left room for much else. And seeing Star by her lonesome for at least another year would be rough.  What can I say, we have a soft spot for these little guys. :)

And so, once again we’re a two rabbit household.  Seeing how we’re expecting to repeat all the early bunnyhood steps with Hailey that we did with Star, we’re pretty confident that it will be only a matter of time before our new furry friend will be hopping around like she owns the place.

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