Meeting Stanley

The Stanely CupIt’s an interesting lead-in to this post that as I’m writing this, I’m actually standing in line to get to see the Stanley Cup in person for the first time Saturday afternoon. Sure, I could have just waited until I got back to the room or after the weekend was over, but having to stand in line for about an hour gave me more than enough free time on my hands.

Every Hockey Player’s Dream

It is totally cliche to say that growing up, every kid playing hockey dreams of holding up Lord Stanely’s Cup over his head. But the reason they say that is because it’s true.

Now, normally the dream is holding it up over your head at center ice of your home team’s arena. And while the viewing session that I waiting in line for won’t actually let me touch the trophy, I’m willing to take what I can get at this point.

The ultimate goal is to be back here in ten years with my son (who’s arriving later this year). The pessimist in me is saying that if I don’t treat this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to live out something from my youth, however, it will turn into a none-in-a-lifetime chance. Now, how could I do that to little Nelly Jr. before he’s even born? And no, that’s not going to be his name. :P

So, here I am, inching closer and closer. Tunes on the iPod, wearing a newly signed Jack Skille Rockford Ice Hogs jersey, and typing away on my iPod Touch. By the time you actually read this post, there will be a freshly taken snapshot of the greatest trophy in professional sports attached to it, and one more thing leftover from childhood that I can cross my list.

Sorry, but I gotta go. I’m next. :)


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