Happy Mother’s Day

In MemoryMother’s Day has always been special, considering none of us would even be here with them. And now that Cindy is going through the troublesome first trimester of carrying our first child, we both have a new perspective on exactly what our mothers have gone through to bring us into this world – and not to mention raise us, too.

As mentioned, it’s also an extra special day this year because it’s Cindy’s first Mother’s Day as an expecting mommy, so there is a little sparkle in her eye when she smiles today despite the frustrations of new eating habits and morning sickness that lasts more than just the morning. :(

Yes, this time next year, we hope to have that all behind us and already starting to raise a healthy new baby boy or girl who will grow up respecting their mother for everything she has sacrificed and will continue to do so in many years of motherhood.

So, Cindy and I would like to extend a very Happy Mother’s Day to each of our moms, and wish all mothers out there a very special day and a big “Mahalo Nui Loa” for all that you’ve done for the lives of your children.

– Kris

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