Looking for some Hawks Deja Vu Tonight

Adam BurishWe’re heading out to our second Bud Light Hockey Night out at Buffalo Wild Wings this evening, hoping the Hawks can repeat the spanking they gave Edmonton last time. Despite the nasty weather and equally worse commute last December, the turnout at BWW was pretty impressive, as was the 9-2 win the Hawks had over the Oilers. 

The weather doesn’t figure into the commute this time, but we are planning to arrive earlier than before to make sure we get a better table. I don’t think we’ll be bringing as big of a work crowd this time either, but folks that do show up will be sure to have a good time. There are even a few running jokes here and there around the office about the last get together. Who knows.
The Hawks are in the midst of an 8-game West coast road trip, which has pushed the game times out into the 9:30pm realm here in Chicago. Not bad if the Hawks are able to jump on their opponents early and often (right Phoenix?), but those nail biter finishes late into the 3rd make getting up the next morning a little tougher.  The puck drops at 8pm tonight, though, which should be a welcome change this week.
Our Next Hawks Game
You might remember we won Hawks tickets last time we went to one of these events, and we wouldn’t mind repeating that, too. The Hawks don’t return home until the 14th, which is the night before we leave for Maui. We do have really great seats for the Sharks game in March (the 25th, I think), and I’m really looking forward to that, too. Should be able to get some more really great shots like I did last year.
Aside from that game, we haven’t looked passed our upcoming vacation much to see if there any other home games we want to see. I remember looking at one of those 6-game packs briefly, and noticed our regular seats were getting a little harder to come by. We’ll have to wait and see.
Go Hawks!!!

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