Week Four – Almost Game Over

Two weeks left before we leave for our trip, and I’m still at 184 lbs. This was a pretty stressful week for me, making it rather difficult to be motivated and focused on dropping those last few pounds before we leave.  As of a few days ago, I was ready to call it quits with this little challenge, but now I’m thinking I might see it through.

Still a lot going on right now and a lot left to do before we leave.  The majority of everything is booked, paid for, and ready to go, with only a few minor details left to cover. Thinks like what to pack, how to pack, what toys come with and what stay home, etc. It looks like it’s going to be another gadget-happy adventure for me this trip, so I’ll be travelling even more like a pack-mule than last year.
We’ll see if this week is any better than the last, and I really can’t imagine it getting any worse.

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