New Music This Weekend

Last month I mentioned the tunes we were listening to on our road trip up to Door County, and as sad as it sounds, I’ve had those same CDs in my disc changer for the last four weeks. Boy do I really miss having a car with an AUX input for my iPod.

While I haven’t bought CDs in what seems like forever, or at least since Tower Records closed, I did pick up a few at FYE at Woodfield this past Saturday. I recently have been just buying off the iTunes Store and burning to CD-Rs for the car, but we were there, so I decided to look.

Both of these are 2-Disc collections of Beach House music. Of course, we don’t have a beach house. And yes, we don’t even have a house (it’s a condo). But that’s just the name of this brand of music. If you’re interested in hearing what sounds like, buy me lunch and I’ll drive or just click on the links below.

Habitat Collection: Beach
Various Artists, 2006

2 CD Set
Details at Amazon
Previews at CD Universe

Hed Kandi Beach House
Various Artists, 2008

2 CD Set
Details and Previews at Amazon

By now you must be thinking I have a rather different taste in music that you’d imagine. At some point, I’ll get around to posting more details around who, what, etc.

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