Our Travel Music this Trip

Looks like Cindy’s got all the daily updates from our Door County trip pretty much covered, so I thought I’d write up a little something about the driving music that we’ve been listening to for the some 700+ miles in the car when the trip is all said and done.

This trip, I went with a collection of mixes from German DJ and producer Roger Shah, aka DJ Shah, aka Sunlounger. Here are the links to iTunes if you’d like to check any of them out for yourself.
You can read more about Roger Shah on his artists page at Armada Music‘s website.
These mixes are perhaps the best examples of a sub-genre of dance music known as Balearic Trance that I have been able to find to date. Inspired by the Balearic Islands and the dance party island of Ibiza, this sound has more of an island flavor, even something of a latin scheme at times, which continuing with up-beat tempos that keep your toes tapping and relaxes your soul no matter where you are. All this without putting you to sleep, which is a big help when driving. ;)

As for tunes outside of the car? Well, that’s Cindy’s area. She gets control of the iPod speakers with her Nano, which covers everything from Lifehouse and Rob Thomas to Nickelback and Scott Stapp. There’s also some Natasha Bedingfield, Pink, Jillian Huff, and countless others that I can’t even name. She knows them all, though, and since she doesn’t mind my driving music, her music at the lodge and at home is fine with me.

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