No Skating Today

It was just two days ago when I was saying how bitter cold it was and that chances for skating Friday night were going to be slim. I also mentioned that reports were saying 40s on Saturday. Well, they were just about right.

We were up in Wisconsin on Saturday, but I’ll let Cindy cover those details in her weekend post. Regardless, it was rainning for a good part of the day, and did make it up into the upper 30Fs to the point where skating would have been out of the question yesterday even if there was time.  And today?  Well, they’re saying close to 50F! Oh, Chicago weather, how crazy you are.

Looking ahead to the upcoming week and possible skating opportunities, Monday is supposed to be back all the way down to 19F for a high (sheesh), and we already have plans for Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday and Friday are looking to be the better chances this week, so I guess I’ll just need to be a little patient.

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