Frigid Friday

What we're leavingClear skies, bright sunshine, and a gentle breeze. If it were June, it would be gorgeous outside. But alas, here we are less than 2 weeks away from Xmas and that trio of weather conditions means cold, cold, cold. The dashboard thermometer was reading 11F when I was leaving for lunch just a few moments ago, and it’s not lying. Wind chills this morning were being reported at -4F as well, and that’s not even with a strong wind!

Is it February yet?
Now I’m just complaining for the heck of it. After all, I have lived here all my life. It’s really just a little satire for the blog here, that’s all. It has gotten to be about as cold as it was in Door County last weekend, even though there were reports it was supposed to be near 40F tomorrow.  We’ll see.
Anyway, I’m just writing a little note while sitting here at Starbucks like I do every day around this time during lunch. From the drive out to the office this morning, it looked like it was going to warm up at least a little, and I had started thinking about finding a place to skate tonight while the Hawks beat up on Colorado. Seeing that it is really only picture perfect outside and not really temperature perfect, that will have to wait until at least Sunday. Bummer.
Back to the original plan of watching the game tonight. Go Hawks!

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