Door County – Dec 4th, 2008

Before I get started and tell you how our trip is going, my aunt and uncle, and grandparents have been coming up here over 25 years now. They would tell me they are going up to Door County, and for the longest time, I thought it was Doora County, and not Door County. So yes I have been adding an A and saying, “Doora County,” I thought that was interesting. Now this is our second trip up here I will make sure I pronounce it correctly.

Kris and I are staying at the “Scandinavian Lodge,” located in Sister Bay. The Scandinavian Lodge welcomes you with a rustic, cabin, serene, Scandinavian, historical, romantic feel to the lodge.

Kris and I arrived at the Scandinavia Lodge (with sunny skies, but the cold air to greet us) around, 3:30pm. We stopped at, you ready for this, a Target before we checked in.

I’m going to rewind little bit. We left around 10:30am and the drive was a pleasant one. Sunny skies, cold, with some snow on the ground. It was about 12:15pm when we stopped in Sheboygan to eat lunch. Sheboygan had more snow cover on the ground. Maybe 2-4 inches. I was surprised to see that much snow on the ground. We got back on the road close to 1:00pm, and arrived in Door County about 2:30pm. Like I mentioned earlier we stopped at Target first.

Driving along Hwy 42 and through Egg Harbor, and the other towns was different. There weren’t many cars driving along 42 when we were here in September, but the atmosphere was different.

You could tell it is off season, some of the shops and resorts are closed for the season. It’s quiet people are not walking around (as much).

Arrived at the Scandinavian Lodge, around 3:30pm Kris and I relaxed, and got settled in before we went driving around town. It was nice to see some of the shops and houses decorated for Christmas. Nice to look at the water and some of the piers and beaches at night. After driving around, we went to this little pizzeria and gelato bar named Jo Joe’s we found in Ephraim when we were here in September.

After dinner we came back to the lodge relaxed by the fireplace, with a cappuccino, and listening to my iPod. You could relax at home in front of your own fireplace with a cappuccino, and some music, but I think it’s more relaxing, maybe because I think the atmosphere is different.

Even though it is a lot colder, and I can not stand the cold, and their is a quieter atmosphere then when we were up here in September. I think it will be a nice weekend. By the end of the trip I will let you know if I would like to come up here during the winter months again.

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