Busy Morning

After an amazing Hawks game last night, it’s time to finish packing, load the car, and hit the road. We leave in about 2 hours, and I still have a lot to finish up. We’re heading up to Door County today for an extended weekend (as if the Thanksgiving weekend wasn’t enough) of peace and quiet, and probably our last good chance to relax until all the holiday madness is over.

I hope to be hitting the ice sometime this weekend. Rumor has it there’s an outdoor rink near our lodge up in Sister Bay, so that’s one of my missions this weekend. Also, they have had just about the same amount of snow so far as we’ve had, if not a little more. It’s about 10°F colder up there, but I’m still hoping to get some great photos of the snow covered landscapes.

I’ll do my best to post daily updates and a few photos while we’re away, so stay tuned if you’d like to follow along.

Gotta run…

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