11/02 Weekend highlights

Another weekend, has come and gone, but it was a nice one. Beginning, with the weather, you wouldn’t think it was the beginning of November. It was mostly sunny with temps in the mid to upper 60’s, with a slight breeze in the air. It was a good weekend to go bicycle riding, or to take a walk along the lakefront. On Saturday, we went to Woodfield, followed by going to my mother-in-laws house to watch the hockey game. (Blackhawks, vs Columbus Bluejackets) where the blackhawks were victorious. Sunday, morning I woke up with a sore throat, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the weather. Kris and I , drove down to Belmont Harbor and, walked around the lakefront.
After walikng around the lakefront, we drove south along Lake Shore Drive and took in the scenery and buildings along the lakefront, example, Museum of Science and Industry, Soldier Field, Navy Pier, Mc Cormick Place. It was a beautiful day to be walking along the lakefront.

it was a nice weekend to get out and enjoy the weekend, whether you are running, bicycle riding, or walking along the lakefront like i did this weekend. Until I write again next weekend. Have a good week.

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