A Quick Update

Just wanted to post a quick mid-week update. Cindy and I were invited to the Wolves game last Sunday by her aunt and uncle, who won a suite at the Allstate Arena for a game. It was against the Rockford Ice Hogs, which is the AHL affiliate for the Blackhawks, so we were torn. Actually, we weren’t because we were routing for Rockford (sorry guys). They ended up winning in an 8-round shootout, which was the first shootout we have seen like. That was cool.

I tried my best to take photos with my new camera, but we almost directly behind the goal, so I had the protective netting above the class to content with. I managed to sneak over to one of the adjacent sections for the 2nd period and tried to get some good photos. I’ll be posting them over on Flickr and blogging at Kris Nelson Photography sometime this week.

Travel plans are coming along, and we’re hoping to have good news on our next Maui trip in the coming weeks. Sooner than that, we’re heading out to South Bend, IN to visit one of Cindy’s friends and looking to spend another weekend in Door County, WI the first week of December. More details as things get closer.

Aside from that, just working through the week and trying to play catch-up with a lot of little things in my spare time (like blogging).

That’s all for now.



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