Astronomy Log: 2008-04-02

Date: 4/2/08
Time: 10:30pm – 11:30pm
Location: N 42′ 0′ 42, W 87′ 48′ 36′

10:30pm – Watched Orion’s belt set WSW just above the horizon (roughly 15 deg). Also found Betelgeuse and Almeisan (from Gemini).
SW – Viewed Procyon in Canis Minor without optics, and saw faint few of Gomeisa nearby.

11:00pm – Viewing S, saw Alphard (from Hydra) threw the tops of the trees. Without binoculars, spotted Regulus (from Leo) and Saturn nearby. Also observed with binos to find nearby stars from Leo.

11:13pm – Starting shooting Leo and Saturn (Photo ~5794). Switched to 300mm lens.

11:20pm – Switched back to W. Viewed Pollux and Castor (from Gemini) without aid. Mars was also visible without binos, but it was just up against the top of the balcony and the side of the building. Could not get a good view with binos.

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