October 14th, 2007

Another week past, another week closer to Christmas. :)

Nothing too exciting happened this past week, just going through the days one at a time and trying to cross things off my todo list. Speaking of which, I finally finished the new version of The Ciolinos website and I just deployed it using my cellphone (I love technology).

I also spent some time yesterday surfing the web for Maui blogs to try and find some links for my Ka’anapali Dreamin’ site. I found a few good ones which I’ll try to post there soon. I was using Technorati to update my blog info and did the searches with them. I was a little surprised that there weren’t that many other blogs like mine out there, but I wasn’t surprised with the amount of junk and spam in the search results.

On the car front, I played around with a few car company sites in search of my next set of wheels. I liked the Pontiac site and did two custom cars with their build tools. The first was for the G6, which came out really sharp. It also went over our budget at something like $425 a month. After that reality check, I built one for the G5 that was a little bit more of our price range. It’s not exactly the beast I wanted, but it’s better than a 4-door. Now we just have to save for the down payment. I could probably start one of those fundraiser meters to keep track of where we’re at.

Switching topics, we were shopping at Target yesterday and noticed that they didn’t have any of the old iPods like Cindy wanted. We decided to track one down before they were gone everywhere, and found one at FYE in Golf Mill. It’s a small 4GB Silver iPod Nano, and she’s already starting to load it up. She also got the same car radio cable for the AUX input that I have, so now she’ll have her tunes wherever so goes, too.

With Halloween coming up, we stopped into the Halloween Store for a quick peek and to see if there was a costume that Cindy liked. There was a nurse outfit that she later mentioned would be worth a second look. I’ll keep you posted if photos would be available. We also scoped out a few infant customs for my little cousin Zach, but we didn’t think they were small enough for him.

That’s mostly it for now. Nothing too notable coming up this week, but you never know.

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