Just another Sunday

Well, another week has passed since we came back from Maui, and we’re pretty much back into the normal swing of things again.

Since there isn’t a hockey team this year, that bit of stress is absent for the next six months or so. Even with that extra time now, there are still about a dozen things I’m working on that are competing for my time. In addition to finishing Ka’anapali Dreamin’ and starting to get traffic driven to it, I also have started a redesign of The Ciolino’s website. Aside from that, I still have to add our latest Maui trip to the Kris and Cindy website, plus finishing the template for this blog.

Whenever all that gets finished, I still want to make webnelly.com more of a profile site and add more things like screenshots and stuff to it. Following that, my next project, igloosurfing.com, will kickoff and I hope to have a lot of fun with that.

Outside my life behind a computer, there’s no shortness of things to do elsewhere. My car is 3 wheels in the grave and I need to start looking for a new one. I’m not too thrilled about adding another car payment to our budget,but we’ll manage.

There’s also quite a few things we would like to swap out at our condo, such as a new TV and some furniture. It’s certainly never boring or simple around here, that’s for sure.

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