Evening at Old Orchard [Photos]

As the temps started to drop on Monday after a scorching weekend, we made our way out to Old Orchard on Monday for dinner at CPK and walked around the mall, enjoying the cooler summer air.

And of course, Papa had the camera with him. :)

Crayons before dinner
Crayons before dinner

Filter: Walden
Taken: Mon, Jun 11th, 2012
Location: California Pizza Kitchen

Window Shopping

More Cars

With Papa

Beach Bums

More Photos

It was a short photo session in a few different parts of the mall, and you can see the rest of the images below.


Mama took the shot with Papa and Christian, as practice for a Father’s Day photo shoot on Sunday. Now Papa just needs to get a haircut, shave, and practice wearing his hat to match with Christian. I’m sure you’ll want to stay tuned for that. :)

– Kris


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