New Website Banners

After the introduction of the Instgram Photos on our website, and the first post of our Weekend Instagrams, I was inspired to take it another step further.

By browsing through some of my favorite Instagrams from the past few months, I took 18 of them and made 6 different rotating website banners for our website. And to introduce those (rather than expecting you to click different pages until you see them all) I thought I’d add them to this post.

Banner 01

Banner 02

Banner 03

Banner 04

Banner 05

Banner 06

As the summer months progress and our Instagram library grows, I’ll more than likely be adding to this list of six initial banners.

But for now, why not leave a note and let us know which one you like the best? And remember, if you’re on Instagram and wanted to follow along or share your own photos with us, you can find me as “krisnelsonphoto”.

– Kris


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