Maui ’11 Photos


We’ve been back from Maui for about a week now, and have been pretty busy getting caught up on things. Plus, our little guy has taken to new sleeping habits that are taking a bit more out of us than before, but more on that in a bit.

But for now, here are the photos I’ve already gone through, and more will be added here when they’re published. Keep in mind that the first few days of our trip were our own time to do what we wanted, and the remaining days I was attending a photography workshop. Most of the later photos were from the workshops and not the typical Maui vacation we were used to.

Anyway, here you go:

That’s all for now, but as more are published, they’ll automatically be added here.

Plus, I’m still finishing the final few posts from our Trip Journal over at my Maui blog, so once those are finished, I’ll have new posts here again, too.

Until then, enjoy the photos!

– Kris


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