Saturday Shopping

We found ourselves with a few options on Saturday, and of them, we chose to head to a pair of outdoor malls and enjoy the nice (although not that sunny) weather.

At the Koi Pond

Note: if you don’t want to read the boring stuff, just scroll down for the pictures. :)

Oakbrook Shopping Center

First up was the Oakbrook Shopping Center, mostly because there’s pretty decent-sized camera store right across the street. The camera store was the first stop so Papa can continue to price out a few indoor studio lighting options, but luckily he didn’t come up with anything.

The walk around the mall was nice, and after a stop at the Starbucks “in a box” we tried feeding Christian. Well, that didn’t go to well the first time, since apparently he was still a little tired. Why didn’t he just say so? :P

While he took yet another nap (lucky boy), we continued to walk around and found ourselves in the Na Hoku store for a little taste of Aloha. Cindy ended up leaving with a new watch, which we have to go back and pick up later in the week after they get it sized for her.

There were quite a few neat places to take photos at Oakbrook, but we held off and decided to head back to Old Orchard instead.

Old Orchard Shopping Mall

We made it to Old Orchard at around 6:30pm and stopped for dinner at Corner Bakery. It was mostly overcast (which is good for photos) and starting to get a little chilly but not as cold as last weekend.

After we ate and did our laps around the mall, we stopped at one of the courtyards for some photos.

Watching the TrainWatching the Train

Baby SmilesBaby Smiles

Not a CookieNot a Cookie

Hi MamaHi Mama

Playing with the Water Fountain StatuePlaying with the water fountain statue

There are a few more shots, too, if you’d like to see more. Seeing we’re at Old Orchard usually once a week, we’ll likely be adding to this set many more times in the near future.

More Photos: Old Orchard Portraits

– Kris

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