First Father’s Day

Well, our first Father’s Day has come and gone, and I can say it wasn’t bad at all.

Too Early

Did Papa get to sleep in on his first Father’s Day? I don’t think so.

Thanks to the ongoing genius of the person scheduling our roller hockey leagues, we had the second time slot of the day at 9:50am. No one wants to play that early, let alone on Father’s Day. If you recall, both teams I play on for the Sunday leagues had a bye week on Mother’s Day, but no such luck this Sunday.

Despite how early it was, it was still fun to hang out at the rink with our little guy, as usual.

Shopping and Photo Shoot

After the game and a few errands, we headed out to do a little shopping at Woodfield Mall. We ended up at the Apple Store for Papa’s gift, which was the Apple TV unit. Not a bad gadget gift for only $99, and now Christian gets to see all his photos, slideshows, and movies right at home on our big screen television. That should keep him amused for awhile.

Since the rain that was supposed to hit us all weekend never came, we made a stop over at Busse Woods to take a few photos after that.

Higher Papa

Cindy and Christian

Mama grabbed the camera for a few shots this time, and gave it her best while our little guy started to get way too fussy. As you can see here, by the end of it, nothing was going to make him happy. So we headed for home.

Pouty Face

Too Late

After coming home and playing around with our new Apple TV setup, it was once again time for Papa to head to the rink. This time, it was the last time slot of the day, a 10:20pm start. Way too late for Mama and Christian to come with, for sure. At least they were able to make it for the morning game.

And that was about it for Sunday. Family, hockey, a new tech gadget, and a short photo shoot. Other than being on a far away island paradise, I don’t think I could have asked for much else. :)

– Kris

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