Happy 1st Mother’s Day

I would be amiss if I didn’t say that the last five months of our lives have been better than we would have ever hoped for when we first decided to start our ohana at the beginning of last year. And with her ability to make me so proud of her each and every day, Christian and I would like to wish Mama a very, very, very Happy 1st Mother’s Day.

Sure, in the years to come, there will be handmade cards with finger paint and creative spellings of words not yet mastered. There will also be battles of wills, temper tantrums, and more than a few timeouts. But right now, in this first year of his life, there is nothing more amazing or more heartwarming than to see his innocent face light up with a giant smile every time Mama walks into the room or he hears her voice.

And to see that same reflection of joy on Mama’s face at that very same instance, I cannot describe in words the Aloha that fills the room around them. Getting to see that everyday, first hand, is a feeling that grows greater every time and one that I hope will never fade.

So, as the first of many, many Mother’s Days to come, we wish the greatest 1st Mother’s Day to you, Mama. In the fourteen years that we’ve been together, I know you’re the happiest right now than you have ever been, and the feeling of playing a part in that leaves me without words.

Here’s to many more,

Happy Mother’s Day, my love.

– Kris (and Christian, too)

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