Playoff Results – Day 22

Three of the four Round 2 series were in play on Wednesday night, and all three winning teams remained undefeated this round. The Conference Finals might be here before we know it.

Day 22 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 0-3
  • Cindy: 2-1

Round 2 Results

  • Kris/Christian: 2-11
  • Cindy: 8-5

Mama’s dominance in Round 2 continues as her Sharks and Bruins came up with big wins in Game 3, while we all fell out in the East as Washington was swept by the Bolts in a series that seemed as fast as lightning.

Vancouver and Nashville are the lone game on Thursday in the only series so far that’s guaranteed to go at least 5 games.

– Kris

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