Monthly Baby Update: Everything A-Okay

May FlowersCindy had her monthly check up today and everything seems to be in order. That is, except, for the ridiculous wait we had while we were at the office. 

According to one of the others in the packed waiting room, someone earlier was 20 minutes late and backed everyone up for the rest of the afternoon.  Personally, I wasn’t buying it because we were on-time for our 1pm appointment, but there were people that arrived after us and were seen before us.  My only guess is that they might have had other doctors, but still.

Time Machine

Anyway, aside from being a little frustrated with spending 45 minutes in the waiting room (and another 30 minutes waiting in the examination room) it was an interesting chance to see what’s in store for us.

It was pretty crowded as I mentioned, and there were mothers-to-be that were just seeing their first sonogram photo to another that was probably around 32 weeks, and another family with 3 little rugrats that left the office each carrying an ultrasound photo of their expected new brother or sister.  At the time, all the extra noise and chaos was just more aggravating, but looking back now it was kinda neat.

By The Numbers

Okay, enough with the philosophical stuff.  This afternoon’s visit puts Cindy at 16 weeks on her 40 week journey to motherhood.  She’s still down 7 lbs from the first visit, but she’s done with the morning sickness and gaining weight again. In fact, she even finished an entire Chipotle burrito for the first time a few years. :)

At next visit, she’ll be 20 weeks and by then they’ll be able to determine if we’re having a little princess or another Nelly.  The doctor this visit (all 5 minutes we saw him) said sometime between now and 20 weeks is when Cindy should be able to feel the little one starting to move inside her belly.  You know you’ll all hear about that when it happens for the first time. :P

Well, until next time.
  – Kris

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