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Kind of a random post here, but I’m 32,000 feet in the air somewhere above Tennessee or something and listening to my iPod. The current playlist? DJ Shah Songbook.

So what, right? Sounds like a silly thing to post about, doesn’t it?

Actually, there’s a little more to it than that. This particular mix is one that Cindy and I have listened to in the car many times on our road trips up to Door County, WI. So much so, that everytime I listen to it, I can close my eyes and picture myself driving along Hwy 42 along side the water on the coast and cruising between Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim, and all the others. Once I start thinking about Door County again, then in brings back all the memories we’ve had up there so far in our handful of visits.

All of that from just from listening to music that no one else on the planet would associate with Northern Wisconsin.

So, what Door County memories are coming up this time? Well, maybe it’s because I’ve been on a business trip all week and a little homesick, but mostly the memories of Cindy and I just driving around aimlessly and finding new places to check out.

Whitefish Dunes 002Take for example, the our December trip we tool in ’08 when we stayed in Sister Bay and it was like 4*F out during the day. When is wasn’t dumping snow on us, we drove around and found the Whitefish Dunes State Park and some of the hiking trails there. The sky was completely cloudless and gorgeous and the sun was beating down on our faces.

Cindy was bundled up with about a dozen layers and still freezing, but you couldn’t blame here. Even with the sun, it was still only in the single digits – not to mention the wind chill. All the snow there was mostly untouched because we were the first ones there that morning and perhaps one of only a few cars that paid a visit that day.

We did manage to make it down one of the shorter trails until we hit the snow covered beach with wave formations still frozen in the ice. Being a fan of winter, I was in polar bear heaven, although my loving wife would only humor me for a few minutes after that. So I snapped a few shots and we moved on.

More Door

EphraimI know, why the heck am I talking about snow and wind and wind chill when it’s only the middle of May. My bad.

One of the common themes that come up when I start thinking about our Door County trips is when are we going back. At this point, now that we expecting and have a few other items planned for the early summer, we don’t really have a next DC trip on the calendar yet. It also makes me think, “Boy, I really need a break from everything.” Nothing new there.

Every once and a while, I take it one step further and think to myself what it we every decided to move up that far north? I know our ultimate goal is to join our kimos over on the Valley Isle, buy with a little one coming, that makes the timing and planning a little more difficult. Plus, the cost of leaving is much cheaper that what we’re used to now in our current neighborhood, let alone Maui.

It’s a fun thought to entertain, if anything else. Could we survive the winters that are worse than what we already have now? What about not having Starbucks around? Which town would we choose? Do they have kick ass high speed Internet access? Okay, that last one was mine. ;)

All this from just sitting on a plane listening to a playlist on my iPod. Funny how my mins works, isn’t it.

Anybody else have similar experiences with certain songs or artists?

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