Door County 04/16/09- 04/19/09

First off I can’t believe the last time I blogged about something was this very same trip to Door County in December of 2008…… I do apologize for the Cindy, in Kris and Cindy’s blog to have neglected the site……


” First of want to send birthday wishes to Kris,” We’re heading back up to Door County, WI this afternoon for an extended weekend, so I thought I would kick off this mini blog, by saying we’re staying at Edge water Resort, in Ephraim this trip, and although we never stayed there before we’ve driven passed it numerous times…

The town of Ephraim is a picture of classic Door County elegance… While you are staying in Ephraim or driving through, you get a great view of the bay.. Ephraim is a wonderful place to walk along the shoreline, check out the sunset, lady’s if you want to pamper yourself has great spa to go to….Spa at Sacred grounds, it’s minutes from Peninsula state park.. were you could walk, bike.. or enjoy just enjoy the scenery.

So it is a 4 hour drive from Niles IL to Door County… Drive included bright sunshine, nice weather, listening to the cubs game on the radio.. Kris and I made our traditional stop in Sheybogan, where we stopped at the Starbucks, and even Cold Stone Creamery… We continued on with our journey.. We knew we were going to have a late check in, but we didn’t know the lobby closes at 5pm MonThurs.. we arrive at The Edgewater Resort, to find an envelope taped to the lobby door with our last name, on it.. it had our room key and what room we are staying in..

We had a beautiful view overlooking the bay..

Our plan was to get settled in then to go to, Jo Joe’s Pizzeria and gelato bar, for dinner, they have awesome, pizza and awesome gelato, drive up to find it closed.. the owners are on vacation from 4/16-4/22, we were going to go eat at the Old English Inn, but it was to formal, so we ended up at Husby’s bar& grill. After dinner we came back to the room and, believe it or not we were able to watch the Blackhawks game.


Good morning, from the beautiful Edgewater Resport, where the sun is shining, blue Sky’s, this is were i would say have beautiful view of the bay.. this morning little set back.. work is being done on the resort, aka outside our room so we have a nice view of the trucks and a ladder outside our window….

First thing we did was check in, because we couldn’t check in yesterday.. After we checked in our plan was to go into Fish Creek, stop at this deli, pick up some deli sandwiches, then go Peninsula State park. We drive down there and the deli shop is closed, and will re-open on 4/24Th, we would try this other small deli, place we know, the sign said closed, but turns out they are closed for good.. We ended up at the Main Street Market, to pick up deli sandwiches, then we drove to Peninsula State Park…

Peninsula State Park, was established in 1909, it’s Wisconsin’s most popular camping destination, 8 miles of green bay shoreline, wrap around Northern hardwood forests, wetlands, meadows, and 150ft cliffs.

There were numerous stops, and picture opportunities.. Kris and I climbed 70ft Eagle Tower.. you have great views of the shoreline, and other areas of the park. We stopped and ate lunch at Nicolette Beach. It was a nice day…. nice weather+ nice pictures= able to enjoy the view..

We stopped at Eagle Bluff lighthouse, I sat and enjoyed the view while Kris took some pictures. We spent a good 2 hours in the park.. It was a beautiful day, beautiful day to be walking around the park.

After we left the park, we drove into fish creek, there is this coffee shop I like to go to, we stopped there, then we drove back to our resort.

We went to Moja Rosa’s for dinner… little diner with a Hispanic feel to it, but we had Hawaiian Pizza, for dinner, and chips& salsa along with cheesy garlic bread for an appetizer,

After dinner we walked north along the shoreline in front of our resort, took pictures of the beautiful sunset, even though it was little chilly, I still enjoyed the view.


Good morning from the Edgewater Resort, where the sun is shining, blue sky’s and temps going to be in the upper 60″s It is a beautiful day to go to the spa, and go site seeing..

Going to the spa is how I started my day.. I had a spa session , this morning at The Spa at Sacred Grounds in Ephraim. This is the first time going to there spa. I first heard about the spa when we came in Sept, I even booked the session, then I cancelled, I booked a spa session when we came in December, but I canceled it for a second time. I don’t know why I cancelled the sessions but I did… I booked the appointment two weeks before we were going up to Door County, therefore if I wanted to cancel the appointment ( again) it would give me plenty of time. I would definitely go there again, staff is friendly, small and quaint.. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed my one hour facial, and one hour Sundari facial, and I will definitely incorporate in my weekend stays up to Door County, but something was off, I don’t know if it was because my last two spa experiences were in Maui… (need I say more))…

After I pampered and embarrassed myself at the spa. Wondering how a person could embarrass themselves at the spa. long story short, my BOA card wouldn’t work so Kris had to come in and pay for my spa session. We drove into the town by Bailey’s Harbor, and had lunch at Espresso bar, it’s a small cafe that overlooks Lake Michigan and other small shops. We sat and enjoyed the nice weather.. although along the Lake Michigan side of Door County it was little cooler..

After Lunch we drove along the harbor.. did some site seeing, drove by Kangaroo Lake, We walked to the Cana Island Lighthouse and enjoyed the view of the light house and scenery along Lake Michigan.. If you like to sit and enjoy the view of the lake, there are some great rocks you can sit on and enjoy the view..

Cana Island Lighthouse… Walk the 50o’ rock walk way to Cana Island and its 1869 light house.. The gr0unds are maintained much as the 19th century. The waters surrounding the island were once the scene of numerous shipwreckers

After spending time in Bailey’s harbor’ we drove south toward Sturgeon bay, where ate dinner in Downtown Sturgeon bay, even though the shops were closed , and not to many people visiting, because it is still early in the season, things won’t open until may 1st it was still nice to walk around. We had dinner at Pudgy Seagull After dinner we drove to our resort.

The best way to cap off a good day, and great weekend is by watching hockey, aka Stanley Cup Conference finals. Boston Bruins Vs Montreal Canadians on TV and listening to the Blackhawks game via Internet. Tomorrow we are leaving it’s been a great weekend. the weather was great.

Another Great Weekend in Door County, it was quiet, but we knew that before we planned the weekend getaway. , Most of the shops and restaurant s are closed until may 1st, but the weather has been great. Temps in the upper 60’s, great weather for us to go site seeing. Till we come to Door County again.

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