Warmer Days

Wow, still catching up on a lot of things after another great trip to Maui. After being greeted last Sunday with frigid temps and eventually some lake effect snow for a few days, we’ve finally thawed out and made it to over 60° F for a change. I event went rollerblading during lunch on Thursday, which was great.

It looks like we’re about to get some drenching rain this weekend, followed by a smaller cold snap, but that’s cool. We’re not letting the rain bother us today because we’re planning to get all of our spring cleaning done, or at least started. Honestly, my home office here looks like it was hit by a tornado. Yikes! We did a little impromptu shopping last night after dinner to get a few room organizers that I hope will straighten things up a little (okay, a lot).

Trip Details

We’re still going through a lot of our post-trip activities as well. Seeing that this was our 4th trip to Maui, we’ve done this a few times already. Cindy started uploading some photos to her Facebook, but never finished. I was writing journal entries for our trip on our Maui blog, but I still have a week left with that, too. We still haven’t gone through all the photos we took to get some of them printed, we have new paintings we picked up while on Maui, and photos in frames from last year’s trip still waiting to be hung. :)

Hopefully, once everything gets back to normal around here, we’ll be posting more regularly again. At this point, travel wise, we’re thinking of going up to Door County for my birthday in April (6 weeks away) and possibly going back to Maui for a week in September for a photo festival and workshop. More on that soon.

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