Some Weather We’re Having, Eh?

I’m sitting here at Starbucks during lunch, like I have been doing for almost every workday since October. With the unseasonable, and possibly record-tying, warmth today, I switched up my drink order to a Passion Tea Lemonade, and started reflecting on how long it’s been since I’ve had one of these guys.

Of course, it will be my (non-alcoholic) drink of choice starting next week when we’re back on Maui. But wouldn’t you know it, we book a tropical vacation in the middle of winter to escape all this cold and snow, and the week before we leave, we get a heat wave and the snow all melts!  I guess my threat to not come back from Maui until all the snow is melted is pretty much useless now. :)
I also wanted to leave you with just one last image for when you get back inside from being outdoors enjoying weather.  This was taken back on December 1st, before all the major snow hit us.  Doesn’t that seem like it was soooo long ago?

Winter 007

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