Week Three, The Off Week

As mentioned last week, I’ve been sort of ahead of schedule with my goal of getting down to 180 lb by our Maui trip, so this week was sort of an off week.  While I didn’t spend nearly any time on the bike, I wasn’t able to fit in any of my toning exercises either (unfortunately). I just can’t seem to get back into my early morning schedule that I was keeping over the summer, but trying again this week.

Despite no time on the bike this week, I managed to stay around the 184lb mark, so that’s good news. It’s all work and no play from here until our trip in 3 weeks, so I hope to have good news again next Sunday. In somewhat unrelated news, we booked a portrait photography session while we’re on Maui for our trip, so that’s an added incentive (and bonus) to finish what I’ve started back in March of last year.  It will be fun to see the difference a year makes, and I’ll have new photos to share before too long.

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