8 lbs, 6 Weeks

Well, it’s already 6 weeks before leave for Maui, and I have that much time to get down to my goal weight of 180 lbs.  I was well on my way before the holidays, coming in at 184 lbs just before Thanksgiving. But as of the New Year, I was back up to 188 lbs, mainly from all those holiday goodies and not spending enough time on the bike.

Excuses aside, I’m still a far cry from the 260 lbs I was this time last year, so just a few more pounds shouldn’t be that hard to come by. I’m really looking forward to posting some of those before-and-after type photos from last year’s Maui trip to our next one in February, and I figured a little added motivation by tracking my progress here online couldn’t hurt.
To help the cause, I was able to spend about 3 hours on the ice last week, and hoping to get out there again tonight. It’s been a blast, to be honest, and I’m even more excited after yesterday because we bought a pair of skates for Cindy, too. While it won’t be as intensive and frequent as our summertime evenings on the bike trails, just being outdoors and staying active will sure be better than sitting at my keyboard all day.

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