Who Needs a Break?

We Do!

Wow, with Xmas just six days away and most of the items on our list behind us, it’s time for a well deserved break. For the second year in a row, I’m getting the entire week off for the holidays. And Cindy, taking advantage of her co-workers being off of school for winter break, will only be working 5 days over the next two weeks.

So what are we planning to do with all this time off? Absolutely nothing! All of our holiday shopping is done (thank goodness). The Hawks are on their Canada road trip, and our next home game isn’t until Jan 14th. Yup, besides from the usual family festivities for Xmas and New Years, we’re pretty much gonna take it easy.

If anything, I’d like to get back on the ice for a little bit next week, weather permitting. Tonight being Friday, Saturday is our normal day for running errands and they’re forecasting 1-2″ of snow starting in the late afternoon. Sunday, the high temp is supposed to be 4°F. Tuesday would probably be the earliest on temperature alone, so we’ll have to see.

For now, it just feels good to not have to think about work until after Xmas. Ahhhhh.

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