weekend highlights 11/16/08

Oh!!! where to begin!!!! i don’t know where to begin It was a busy weekend. Why was it a busy weekend you ask. Our weekend was spent in Indiana.What’s in Indiana you ask? friends of ours recently moved to Indiana.

On Saturday they took us to Famous Daves for lunch., and then took us on a tour of Notre Dames campus. Those of you who haven’ t been on the campus, it is a nice campus. After wards she took us on a tour of Southbend. Of course we had to stop at starbucks.

On Saturday evening, Nabeela had us over for dinner. After dinner we went bowling. keep in mind i haven’t bowled in awhile. i bowled 97 the first game, and 137 the second game I think the phrase kris used ” 137 requesting a drug test,”

Sunday we had breakfast at nabeelas house. Mine y0u i usually have healthy shake, and oatmeal for breakfast, so eating a big breakfast threw me off for the day, but that’s ok. After breakfast we stopped at super target, and were being driven around Granger. After the drive we went back to nabeelas apartment, and visited with her and zaina before we headed for home.

Before going home and getting ready to go to the “Blackhawks game, Kris and I walked around Old Orchard and ate lunch at Potbelly. I am happy to report Old Orchard has their christmas decorations up.

Finally we went home…. We were home long enough for me to get ready for the Blackhawks game and to feed sky and star. Around 4:30 we picked up his mom, brother, and his brothers friend and drove down to the United Center. Those of you who haven’t been to the UC it is a great facility to watch a hockey game, see a concert, or even go to the circus. Those of you who are hockey fans, or were watching the game know that the Blackhawks lost to the San jose sharks 6-5, but i guess it was cool to see former Blackhawk #27 Jeremey Roenick score his first goal against the hawks.

It was 9:30 when we finally got home It was action packed weekend. Found out we got home just in time because South Bend got hit with a snow storm sunday night into monday Looking to the week ahead it is going to be a busy one. Next weekend think I’m going to start my christmas shopping. Till then

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