Hockey’s Back, More Door County, and Closer to Maui


It’s only been a few weeks since we came back from Door County and my last post here, but it seems like forever. It has been a very crazy and stressful last few weeks for me, but it looks like it’s starting to calm down again, even if only for a little bit.

Hockey’s Back
Cindy and I are so excited that it’s hockey season once again, and routing for the Blackhawks this season is getting rather popular. Cindy and mom are still bummed about the Savard thing, though. It seems like it was a difficult choice to say the least, but if it truly is what’s best for the team, we’ll be happy when they’re winning.

We all went to our first Hawks game this season, and it was a blast. It was a Buy One Get One offer, so the seats were up in the 300s at the United Center, yet surprisingly they were great seats. Too high up for my camera, but from a fans perspective, you could see everything. They ended up getting their first win of the season, beating Phoenix 4-1 in a exciting and physical battle. We have Wolves tickets with Cindy’s aunt and uncle for the 26th, and then it’s back to looking for Hawks tickets.

More Door County

I mentioned it’s only been a few weeks since Door County, but with all the stress and chaos going on in our lives right now, we’re ready to get away again.  Right now, we’re thinking the first week of December for a Thursday-Sunday trip, and looking to stay in either Fish Creek or Ephriam this time.  We’ll probably start looking next week, and maybe take a peak at what the weather is historically like in early December (read “how much snow”).  It will be fun to get away again, and hopefully I won’t have to spend my mornings working this time. It will also be easier to find something now that we have a good idea of where everything is now.
Closer to Maui
We’ll, it’s just about 4 months until we leave for our next planned Maui trip, and we’re getting pretty anxious to be back on the warm sands of Ka’anapali.  We had a good talk with my aunt earlier in the week (at the hockey game of all places) about using their timeshare in West Maui for our trip.  At first, we brushed off the idea of not staying at the Sheraton again this year, but after some discussion and the fact that it would save us tons of money, we reconsidered.  We hoping to find out today more details about the timeshare and what the availability looks like for the two weeks we want to be in Maui.
That said, we could have our lodging booked this weekend!!!  I’ve been watching airfare with Kayak and it seems to be fluxating just a little, but if that ends up being the most expensive part of our booking, than I’ll be pretty darn happy.
Well, that’s the short and sweet of it right now, without all the crazy stuff going on.  As mentioned, I’m hoping to have good news on the Maui trip, so if you hear me screaming for joy, you know why. :)


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