Door County: Day 3

Saturday was already going to be the highlight of our trip, seeing that it was our anniversary and the whole reason we took the weekend off and came out to Door County, so Sunday was just going to be for relaxing and carefree. The game plan for Day 3 was going to be Sunday Brunch, a few hours at the Spa for Cindy, going to one of the state parks and having a nice dinner. Well, we ended up having brunch, and that was about it.

Cindy decided to cancel her plans at the spa for Sunday, so that freed up sometime in the afternoon and allowed her to take her time in the morning getting ready for brunch. We went to the Inn at Cedar Crossing in downtown Sturgeon Bay for brunch, which was a nice little diner where we happened to get a good table right next to the window. The first thing we noticed, while not associated with brunch, was that Sunday during football season in Wisconsin meant EVERYONE was wearing green. It didn’t seem to matter about the whole Brett Farve thing (which is still a sore subject to some), anyone and everyone that was a true fan was wearing their green and gold. Yikes.

Back to brunch, Cindy and I were both spying the pancakes on the menu; her, the traditional buttermilk pancakes, and I just had to have the cherry ones. We hadn’t really associated why 2 pancakes alone had cost about $8 until they were brought to the table. Wow, these things were bigger than the plate itself! They were really good, though, but we just couldn’t finish them. The portions aside, it was a very lovely meal.

So, with our stomachs full, we decided to start walking (something we did a lot of) and after a trip around town, we jumped in the car and headed north on 42 towards Ephraim. We wanted to check out one of the state parks, Peninsula State Park to be exact, that we had seen on the map to see how the bike trail was and whether or not there was enough good pavement for me to rollerblade on. We were disappointed, though, that when we pulled up to the entrance, that you had to pay to enter. That sort of caught us off guard, so we turned around and kept driving.

Along our drive, we made more than a few stops and detours, checking for different views of the bay and finding a few shops to look around. We must have killed a good 3 hours before Cindy finally dozed off and I was just driving to drive. I kept heading north until I found myself near Northport, which on Hwy 42, is the last area before the ferry dock to Washington Island. What was great about Hwy 42 in Northport was that is was very curvy and empty, not another car on the road.

While the road wasn’t as winding and curvy as the Road to Hana, which of course we had to joke about, it was still fun and I just may have kicked it up a little bit above the speed limit (don’t tell anyone, ok?). I had guessed that it would have had a different path back once we reached the ferry dock, but to my excitement, it was a dead end. So, I got to drive the same road again, this time going the other direction. It was a small thrill, but at that point, it wasn’t going to take much to keep me entertained.

On the way back from Northport, we stopped at quite a few different points just to pull over, walk around, take photos and browse through some of the stores. We stopped at Sarah’s Snack Shop (although the kid behind the counter didn’t look like a Sarah, but it was Sunday), and Cindy picked up her Door County sweatshirt and half an egg sandwich while I enjoyed a strawberry and banana smoothie for lunch.

As we made our way back South, one stop at a time, we hit a coffee shop for Cindy, found a nice park to relax in, and saw some leather jackets that were very nice, but cost about $1,400 dollars. That part was a little crazy. As we spent the day just wandering and enjoying the fact that we didn’t have any plans, we decided on a finding a place to pick up dinner and just eat at the resort. We found a small deli in Egg Harbor where we grabbed some sandwiches and that was that.

We were both pretty tired from all the fresh air, and also the fact that I was still getting up at 5am (not going to go there). The Packers game wasn’t until 7:15pm, although you wouldn’t know it by what we saw so early in the morning. I, however, was pretty much down for the count by 9 o’clock and I don’t think Cindy was that far behind me.

Looking back at what we had planned to do and what actually did, they were pretty far apart. We still enjoyed ourselves, though, and for our last full day in Door County, it left a very nice impression.

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