Happy Memorial Day

Well, whether the weather is consistently in agreement or not, summer is officially underway. Sitting next the freshly cleaned pool at my cousins house, all the younger kids are off at the park leaving for some peace and quiet for the rest of us, finally.

The weather today isn’t that bad, although there is a threat of storms later in the evening. Probably the nicest day and the most sun we’ve been able to enjoy since coming back from Maui last month. The weather for the rest of the week isn’t supposed to be as nice, but the weekend (still far a way) is going to be better.

Its not going to matter as much for me this next few weeks since I’ll be traveling for business. This week it’s down to Austin for a few days to visit our company’s headquarters, and the following week is for Microsoft’s TechEd convention in Orlando. Both are first times each for me, and I haven’t traveled on business for about two years now.

Aside from that, still working on updates from our trip to Maui in April. We had dinner with Cindy’s aunt and uncle last week, so we relived our trip with them as well. By now, it seems like it’s been more than just a month since we’ve been back, but it’s always like that. :)

Too soon to be counting down to our next trip in February. We certainly don’t want to rush through these summer months, assuming we get the sunshine and warmth we’re looking for.

Aloha for now.

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