Weekend Highlights In Review ……. 4/25-4/26

It was a busy weekend for the Nelson family…..

Friday night, Kris and I went dancing, with friends of his from work.  The Dance Club of choice was The Level Nightclub on Rush.  It is a small nightclub which featured dance and top 40.  We had a good time.  (It’s been along time since we been out that late)


Saturday…..  Since we new it was going to be nice out.. our plan was to go to Busee Woods, go skating, then go to Woodfield, but the weather put a damper on that plan, , therefore we went to Potbelly and Jamba Juice for lunch, and then Woodfield.   After Woodfield we went to the grocery store where it poured and the temp dropped 40 degrees within a half hours time.  In the evening we picked up Kris’s mom and Went to Buffalo Wild Wings dinner and watched the Blackhawks become victorious over the Calgary Flames.  It was  a great playoff game to watch.


Sunday…..  Today was a day of running errands, and a family dinner…   Temp wise it went from 40 lows to rainy cloudy morning…  to temps in the lower 70’s in the afternoon.   In the afternoon we ran our errands, then we picked up Kris’s mom, and went to Maggiano’s  for a family dinner.  After dinner we came home and relaxed before we have to get ready for the work week.


Till next week,  have a good week………..Cindy

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