What The Heck’s New?

Boy, this blog has really been neglected lately.

I’d say we’ve been very busy, but that’s sort of a given and sounds too much like a cop out anyway. It was certainly a full-schedule weekend, though, with little Zach man’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday and Easter dinner with Cindy’s family yesterday. In fact, other than getting a haircut, I can’t even remember what we did Friday. :)  I’ll let Cindy fill in the blanks about the family stuff this past weekend.

Short Week
We’re pretty much set for a short week, seeing that we’re leaving Thursday afternoon and heading up to Door County for my b-day. We’re pretty much taking it slow this time, and other than stopping at Jo Joe’s for pizza and gelato on Thursday and Cindy’s spa session Saturday morning, I think things are pretty much wide open. The kicker is that we’re finally expecting to see some nicer weather here in Chicago this weekend (it’s cold and rainy right now), and we’ll be up north another 250 miles and about 10 degrees cooler. Oh well, it will be nice to have a fireplace at least.

Random Stuff
As long as it’s been since the last post, there hasn’t been really anything major that would normally be mentioned here. Our favorite Blackhawks made it to the playoffs for the first time in way too many years, so we’re all hyped about that. Baseball season started again, and so far it’s been very underwhelming. I picked up a new digital camera during the latest Dell Days of Deals promotion, but haven’t really had too many chances to play around with it. And not only did Cindy get sole possession of my previous camera (the Canon SD890), she also picked up a Sony Webbie camcorder to play around with. With as fast as she’s getting the hang of Facebook and uploading photos from her Mini, I don’t think it will be long before you’re seeing more here at the blog rather than reading.

My WheelsAfter our Door County trip, we’re hoping to break out the bike and skates again and get back out on the bike trails. Other than the weather no cooperating, we haven’t had much holding us back from getting out there and shaking off some of these winter pounds (at least the ones I put on). Not only skating at lunch out by the office, but also after work and on the weekends, too. Seeing as though we didn’t get started last year until around June, getting out there in April is going to be a big head start.

As far as everything else, I’m probably leaving out a few other minor things. That’s okay, though. Should we eventually get back in the swing of things and keeping this blog updated, there will be nothing that falls through the cracks.


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