Weekend Highlights 5/25/2009

” Wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day……

Another weekend that has come and gone, but this time it was a three day weekend.. (pretty soon I”m going to have a series of three day weekends, but that is a story for a different time.)

Weekend consisted of enjoying the weather, babaysitting. running errands etc, but it was a nice weekend..

Friday… Consisted of me working till 3:00pm I love Friday’s because they are my short days. After work going to get my oil changed. came home and did laundry, before we met up with Kris’s mom at Buffalo Wild Wings. where we cheered the Blackhawks to victory. Well that victory was short lived.. More details to come later..

After the game we came home and relaxed..


Kris worked… and I babysat the cutest 2 year old in the world.. The weather was nice, so we played and played and played (well you get the idea) outside.. Then we walked around Streets of Woodfield.. which is located in Schaumburg by Woodfield Mall.. It is outdoor strip mall that consistes of stores From Dicks Sporting goods to Carsons, Gameworks and of course Starbucks.. If you like to be outside, walk around and shop, Streets of Woodfield is a place to go…

We came home and relaxed, before we went out to dinner and ran some of our errands ( Target).


We started off by putting out my patio furniture.. and staying home to watch the hockey game, well that was a mistake and short lived:( I ended up watching the rest of The Indy 500… Helio Castronevas won the race. and Danika Patrick came in 3rd… I couldn’t watch the game anymore so Kris and I decided to go bike riding. We headed North on the trails, passing Dempster, Beckwith, Golf Rd, I got as far as Glenview Rd and had to turn around, but I rode a total of 12 miles.:):):)

The evening consisted of dinner at Panera Bread, and had to stop at Jewel. Who would have thought going to Jewel on a Sunday night would be an adventure. As we were walking in one of my pharmacy customers were checking out, and instead of just saying,” hello,” she made a big production. she said,” Is that your husband,” he’s so cute, and she said to one of the cashiers, she works for your competition, ” Dominick’s,” normally I would be surprised, but I wasn’t..

We came home and Kris and I spent a nice romantic night together, before we turned in for the night.

Monday (Memorial Day)………..

Traditionally on Memorial Day we go by Kris”s aunts house for a BBQ.. This year we still went by his aunts house, but the weather didn’t corporate for the BBQ. We stilled grilled, but since it was, cold, cloudy, and rainy the BBQ went from outdoors, to indoors. It was still nice to get together. Finally we came home and relaxed, before we have to go back to work.

Till next week, have a good week everyone:)

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  1. Kris Nelson May 25, 2009 at 11:04 pm #

    You left out the two most important spots at the Streets of Woodfield, Jamba Juice and Chipotle.

    But, since you threw in the little note about that customer saying I was cute (and loud enough for half the store to hear despite having a mouth full of cookies), I’ll let it slide. :)

    Nice to see these weekend posts again.

  2. Cindy May 26, 2009 at 9:01 pm #

    :):):):) thx

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