Snow, Snow, Snow

Yup, Snow, Snow, Snow. As sung to the tune of “Girls, Girls, Girls.”  Luckily, I don’t know any other parts of the song. :)

Anyway, I wasn’t being purposely underdramatic yesterday when I mentioned that the snow and frigid cold air was returning. I was just uninformed.  Turns out what I initially thought was just “a few snow showers” actually as the potential to leave us with 8″ of fresh snow in the matter of only 36 hours!  Our first dose was early this morning, leaving about 2 inches by the time it stopped, and the heavy stuff is going to be starting in a few hours, just in time to spoil my commute home.

This might also be retaliation for a note I left on my photography blog about not having enough snow left to take photos at Bunker Hill again. So if you believe in karma and looking for someone to blame all this recent snowfall on, I’ll take the heat (pardon the pun).

Skating Tonight?

Barring that I actually get home before midnight tonight with the evening rush hour, we’re still contemplating visiting the Niles ice rink for some public skating indoors tonight. The other part of yesterday’s post was still true, having evening temps only in the single digits next week, so if we want to keep up with our skating time, we’ll have to do it indoors.

That is until we go public skating on Maui next month.  You read that right, public skating on Maui!  It’s actually rollerblading out there, not ice skating, but it still looks to be fun.

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  1. Cindy January 10, 2009 at 11:18 am #

    “So you are the person to blame for all this snow,”

    Yesterday 01/09/09

    When it snows and the commute to work, and home is fine it is a good day. It was nice it snowed in the morning, then it stopped.
    started again about 7:30pm and continued, and continued.. So how much snow did we get????

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