Where’d the snow go?

As if the Chicago weather in this month of December hasn’t been unbearable already, it just got a little weirder.  It seems like after weeks of the same weather pattern of frigid temps, then tons of snow, and again followed by more cold, mother nature decided to make it a little more interesting.

With a mild warm-up yesterday to about 44°F, today we’re now looking at a high approaching 60°F, and boatloads of rain to help wash away all that snow cover we’ve gotten used to. And when I say boatloads of rain, I’m mean they’re predicting up to 3″ in some areas. When you take about 10″ of snow cover from the last few weeks and throw in those types of temps and 3″ of rain, you’re in for some pretty nasty flooding.

We already saw some of the streets getting water last night when we were coming home, and now at 9am this morning, almost all of the snow on the ground outside of our balcony is gone. Just like that, gone!

Looking at the radar, it appears that the rain should let up in about an hour or two, but coming back after a short break.  And then for tomorrow? Back down below freezing with high winds. Go figure.


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  1. Cindy December 27, 2008 at 7:48 pm #

    It was nice to see the grass again
    no wonder I am fighting a cold

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